7 Secret Settings to Enhance Slow PC Performance After System Upgrades

Hello Guys, Please let me know how to disable screen auto-Rotation in windows 10? Because the browser is based on Chromium, you can also Chromecast video streams to tablets, PCs and TVs that allow for streaming, something the old Edge couldn’t do. Microsoft computers come gwrks64.dll with a built-in application called Disk Cleanup designed help you clear temporary files and unneeded data that you might not otherwise be able to identify. More fun” is definitely a subjective statement and there are some really good Windows apps built from the ground up for touch like Sketchable that has a lot of the responsiveness and performance you expect from iPad apps.

It was available to members of the Windows Insider Programme for around a week, during which time members reported the same issues apparent in the public update. If the user account for which you want to restrict the Registry is a standard account, you’ll need to temporarily change it be an administrator account. Get rid of everything Cortana knows about you by clicking "Clear Cortana data." This could, however, make your results less relevant going forward since Cortana learns from you over time in order to personalize your requests, notifications, and experiences.

Select the "Photos" tab to get access to images on your Note 10, including photos and screenshots. This technique limits the CPU clock speed to 2.8GHz, allows a 100% CPU usage and is saved in Windows registry so Intel Turbo Boost is still disabled after a reboot. I’m hoping the Surface Pro X will offer the ability to not have to carry around a charger as much, and here’s hoping that Microsoft improves the main Pro hardware next time around.

Step 1: Launch the Malwarebytes program and click Scan Now button. For some reason, Windows will reset it to the default settings, again. The notifications are categorized according to the application that sent them – for example, notifications from Mail are in one group, those from Windows Defender are grouped separately, those from Cortana in another group, and so on. Some may come with specific actions you can take.

This first method is the easiest, but it may not work for some folks, as the Group Policy Editor program that it uses is not included in all editions of Windows. Set your own active hours by adjusting the time in this window. Log files are files generated either by Windows or by an application. Set this policy to delay the fallback from Cache Server to the HTTP source for a background content download by X seconds.

To get started with linking, install the newest Preview Build on your PC and link your phone by navigating through Settings -> Phone on your PC. Microsoft will send you an SMS with a link to a test application for Android called Microsoft Apps” that is needed to complete the link between your phone and PC. Linking the devices in this manner ensures that your sessions are continued only on PCs which you have explicitly linked to, and not across all PCs where your Microsoft Account is present.

Let’s take a look at how you can change your default browser on Windows. The lock screen, which appears just before the Windows 10 sign-in screen, can be disabled. That being said, maybe you are a power user and need your apps to run at their full potential to get the work done. You can also access Settings by hitting the Windows key on your keyboard and writing Settings” in the search bar. If you have Storage Sense turned on in Settings, Windows can automatically free disk space by removing files you don’t need.

A facility owner who qualifies as a CMO will owe the CMO facility fee; no other facility fee amount will be assessed. However, if you aren’t a big fan of Windows 10 Storage Sense it is possible to disable it using a couple of different methods. If you want to defer updates, enter any number up to 180 days in the After a feature update is released, defer receiving it for this many days” box. To access these settings, open the Notifications & Actions section in Settings, as before.

1. Navigate to Settings > Personalization > Colors page. The star of the show remains the laptop’s touch screen, which responded quickly to my swipes and taps as I navigated the web and used Android apps on Chrome OS. A new hinge mechanism locks the screen in place when it’s flat before it rotates around the hinge into tablet mode. We covered this in our previous article regarding receiving notifications in Windows 10 while on Battery power This can also affect which apps get throttled by Windows 10.

To reduce the amount of hard drive space the system reserves for system restores, slide the Max Usage slider bar to a lower percentage. A Windows 10 account PIN replaces reusable passwords with the combination of a specific device and the PIN. This solution is similar to the first one, because DISM (Deployment Image & Servicing Management) tool is used when SFC Scanner fails to repair system files, in our case find the necessary DLL file.